The Film Production Academy

Nurture your creativity and skills via our innovative platform.

Inhale the passion to re-energise and make it happen.

Come Join the Jokers and Grow through Experience.

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The Chosen Few

Get ahead of the game with The Film Production Academy

Be the best you - you can be.
Join us for the ultimate experiential journey.

Masters degree programmes with multiple IMDB credits.
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How many dreams are lying unfulfilled at the bottom of a knicker drawer?

So why not dust them off, spruce them up and give us a flash of your potential.

 Let's collaborate on your break through feature and short scripts. 
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Crew Masters 

Are you ready to re-ignite the passion for your craft?

Collaborate with us to empower the next generation of film crew.

Send us your showreel.

Be a Player

This is you!

This is the launchpad to step-up your game.

To go on the warpath join our tribe.
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Film to Score

This is a journey for music.

 Be it band, singer, songwriter...

...soundtrack our films to resonate with new tribes.
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The Gatherings

Reap the harvest.

Journey with the tribes.
Experience the diversity of stories that'll pass through the generations.

 Out of the class onto set, into festivals, theatres, to streamers and beyond.
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You are not one of Many - You are One of Few - You are Innovator - Disruptor - Rule Breaker - Builder of Dreams and Creator of You and Your Joker Avatar.

You are All and One, Student, Customer, Story Teller, Dreamer, Creator, Master.

Come Join the Jokers and Grow through Experience.

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We are Innovators - Disruptors - Rule Breakers - Builders of Dreams and Creators of Joker Avatars.

We are All and One, Students, Customers, Story Tellers, Dreamers, Creators and Masters of our Destiny.

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Joker # 1  - Mr Disruptor

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Joker # 2 - Wildman

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Joker # 3 - Evolver



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