Dreamcrafter -
Master Crafters #2

This is an experiential workshop, guided by industry mentors to lead you through a journey of storytelling.

Be inspired, be creative and tell stories

You've written multiple drafts but have never heard the story out loud. This is your opportunity to hear it coming to life through the sound of other voices.


Read out loud

The scariest part is reading out your script to a new audience. All the fears and doubt come in but if you are strong, you'll be surprised by the wealth of feedback you get that'll help you over hurdles you may have encountered. A different perspective could help you form a new world full of adventures.


Chasing the 'What if'

'What if...?' brings a world of opportunities to inject new life into old stories, the ones left in drawers. Now it is time to let them shine. Like plants, scripts need to be pruned to allow new growth


Listen to a fresh viewpoints

With broad strokes, you can block out a new pathway, present new ideas to an audience and witness the engagement or fine tune hidden notes. This is about building confidence to discuss further collective ideas, re-frame narratives and set new targets for the next writing session, after this Master Crafter. 


The Film Production Academy      
Chapel View, Chapel Lane, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny,