Crew Masters - Audio

Listen - the best films sound good. We can hear the dialogue, yes, but sometimes that's not the most important part of the soundscape. It could be the breeze making it's way through the trees, the lapping of water on the beach, the breathe of a baby sleeping or ... well, you know what sounds right!

Master of Audio

We're looking for audio mixers with decades of experience who are keen to pass on their knowledge through mentoring to inspire a new breed of crew. If this sounds like you why not subscribe to be included on our list?

Breaking into the industry

If you are an aspiring audio recordist, mixer or sound technician looking to up-skill to work on digital feature films, we may have a short course to help you move in the right direction and become one of our Crew Masters - Audio mentors. Why not subscribe to get notifications of our up-and-coming courses?


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