Crew Masters - Non-linear Editing

The final draft of the script is produced in editing the final film. The juxtaposition of shots can develop the emotion or crash the scene, it's not just about the technology, this is an art form.

Masters of Non-linear Editing

If you are a master of your craft with decades of experience looking for a challenge to pass on your experiences and know-how to the next generation of non-linear editors and want to continue working on micro-budget digital feature film projects, then why not join our Crew Master - Non-linear Editing masters to help shape the future of this form of storytelling?

Aspiring Non-linear Editor

If you are an aspiring non-linear editor who finds there are still areas you need to brush up on, we can offer a range of short courses to help you build up your skills to be considered for the Crew Master - Non-linear Editing Masters Panel.


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