Freedom to fall

If you have been in the film and theatre industry for years and have been a jobing actor, this may be an opportunity for you to share your experiences with others, and be part of a new way of encouraging quality performances in micro-budget feature film production.


Acting for Film

Though not theatre, we are effectively building a repertory of actors for our short and feature film workflow.

This is why we are looking for both new and returning actors, in a range of ages, to take on the diverse roles we anticipate.

Building story blocks

Most people coming into the industry after college or university fear not having enough experience. We will be offering opportunities for newcomers to build their confidence in shorts and mirco-budget feature films, to allow them to cut their teeth and expand their repertoir of dramatic skills.

Returning to drama

The benefits of someone coming back into the industry is that they already have a wealth of experience that they can share and help develop the newcomers. There are opportunities to mentor to help build up the skills and enhance the performances to enrich the final film release.


Join our Facebook Group: "The Film Production Academy - DreamCrafters" and get involved with the discussion, learning and script development.


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