Be A Player

Film making is a collaborative process. We are looking for actors who can work well with others to help develop the narrative, to help fine tune the performance.


Mixing roles

One project I directed involved mixing the roles around, women playing the male part, men playing the female part and a mix of everything inbetween. It brought up many challenges but it also brought out some amazing performances. We all have to go out of our comfort zones sometimes.

Getting to the heart of the character

Just by sharing your ideas with others can help you broaden your perspective on character, plot, dialogue and story arc. Bouncing off others can help you build your story blocks. This one day Master Crafter will give you the opportunity to read through your script, thrash out ideas and inspire your next writing session.


Join our Facebook Group: "The Film Production Academy - DreamCrafters" and get involved with the discussion, learning and script development.


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