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Nurture your creativity and skills via our innovative platform. Inhale the passion to re-energise and make it happen. Come Join the Jokers and Grow through Experience.
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Experiential Education Programmes

Four levels of courses including Honours Degree (L8) and Masters (L9) designed for students at different stages of their education. This provides the essential experience for them to progress through the digital film industry. 

These programmes allow students to gain valuable industry experience in the key areas of cinematography, sound, editing and production in both drama and documentary filmmaking. In pre-validation stage.


Experiential CPD & Compliance Programmes

For the company, these short-term courses support the appointed Skills Development Officer for Section 481 Tax Credit compliance.

For the individual, our CPD programmes allow crew to gain valuable skills development, aided by film industry mentors, in the key areas of cinematography, sound and editing in both drama and documentary production.

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Experiential Short Programmes

These short experiential programmes allow those with a passion for film making to develop essential skills, aided by film industry mentors within a live micro-budget production.

In addition, this platform can enhance the portfolio of credits and experience crucial to maintaining a successful career in the digital film industry.

For the film tourist we offer a unique bootcamp experience.

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Masterclasses, Workshops & Retreats

A range of bespoke masterclasses, workshops and retreats in digital film making for enthusiasts and professionals, led by industry masters.

Break through sessions, beyond operations, next-level business development, next-level growth mindset, value-add journey mapping. Market landscaping and target customer engagement. Collaborative development via high-value small group interactions.

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