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Finding new life for old scripts.

Dusting off old scripts and rejuvenating the stories

Meeting up with old friends warms the heart. Finding old scripts in drawers can be the same. I found a few old screenplays this way and realised that there was something worth playing with. Perhaps mixing and matching to innovate something new.

2020 is the year to make movies. We want to see what we can get our teeth into. We love sci-fi, horror, psychological thrillers, comedy or a good mash-up with a splash of romance. So why not reach out, touch-base and see how we can collaborate in the future be it short or breakout feature?

Tip 1. Small cast

A small cast keeps the budget down and develops performances. So keep the major cast down to three or four and don't include crowds. Be minimalistic - if it doesn't enhance the story, cut it out.

Tip 3. No special effects

CGI costs, so our micro-budget philosophy is if you can't film it, re-write it. If it can't be captured on set, then it costs too much to edit.


Tip 2. Minimum locations

If there are lots of locations, we'll end up spending more time getting places than actually filming stuff. Think about how to optimise set-ups in a single location to maximise budget.

Tip 4. Think micro-budget

When we breakdown the script, we're itemising the cost, so if it doesn't need to be a Tesla then a Skoda will do.


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