Crew Masters - Cinematography

Painting with light, composing the shot and making sure the framing works during the movement all falls on the cinematographer's shoulders. Yet, the end result can be so inspiring the audience is eager to book their next holiday to the location used.

Crew Masters - Cinematography Mentors

If you have developed your craft of the past few decades and want to shine a light on the way you solve cinematic problems to a new generation, why not sign up for our Crew Masters -Cinematography mentorship programme?

Aspiring Cinematographers

Our aim is to make high-quality micro-budget digital feature films with jaw-dropping, mouth watering visuals, that will transform our audiences to another world. If this is the kind of production you aspire to work on but feel there are areas in your skills that need developing, we may have a short course to suit your needs. Why not subscribe below for notification of up-and-coming courses?


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